Angela Singer

President & CEO

Angela is a graduate of McGill University from Montreal with a BA in English and a Minor in Business. She brings 20+ years' experience as a trusted Business Consultant.  Angela's focus and dedication is to corporations based in the North America and Asia, to assist them in growing their Canadian marketshare to 12-20% of that of their current US market share.

Angela prides herself on knowing how to make sure that corporations lead and evolve in becoming market share leaders in Canada in a secondary market to their own.

It is the common goal at The RepOro group to constantly provide market knowledge to our vendor partners and to reinvent and educate ourselves to ensure that we are providing 110% commitment to help achieve the common goal of growing and increasing our respective market share to #1.

Angela prides herself on always working to know about every retailer, and customer, but more specifically to learn and always stay on top of all the competitive aspects of the business and the respective vendor partners.

Components to The RepOro Group’s commitment range from executive leadership, market leadership, product and market analysis, optimizing market knowledge and ensuring that our vendor partner is completely educated on every potential competitor.

Moreover, it is equally imperative to be rich with emotional intelligence, aligning personal style with organizational and market demands that we are faced with everyday in such a competitive world at retail.

It is Angela’s goal to be persistent and committed with structure, processes, and skills that are set in place internally.  Angela continues to ensure that as a team, they are able to identify and zoom to the core of what gets their vendor partner’s, to #1 marketshare in Canada.

As part of Angela’s core commitment to success, she is driven to help companies grow.  Angela's goal is to help show how the Canadian consumer is different, as Canada is the most multi-cultural society in the World.  Her approach is to first help businesses understand how diverse we are - and then educate on how to cater to those differences.

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Personally, Angela has a passion for life and a "joie de vivre" that relies implicitly on being 100% committed to the task at hand.

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