We have a brand new name.
Our reputation for driving success is unchanged.

For 25+ years in Canada, we were known as Owen & Singer and upheld the reputation as one of North America’s leading Manufacturers Representatives. We offer our manufacturing partners full business representation and consulting services. We don’t just specialize in getting your products onto the shelves of major retailers in Canada, we specialize in driving them to market leadership.

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Trusted Relationships with the Top Brand Retailers
in Canada and the U.S.A.

With two offices located in key areas of business, you will gain confidence knowing we have the coverage and capability to serve you across North America and beyond. Our relationships with many of the largest and most successful retailers and distributors provide assurance to our manufacturing partners that their products will have maximum impact and presence in leading marketplaces.


70+ Years of Outstanding Business Representation

Our reliable and trustworthy consultation services will help you become a market leader in this new territory. We do this by sharing our wealth of knowledge to achieve the common goal of growing and increasing your market share to #1.


Sales & Marketing

With a focus on the Consumer Electronics, and several other categories, we manage the Canadian territory as well as USA for key retailers, for our North American and Asian manufacturers, offering a full menu of sales, marketing and logistical services. One of our growing areas is translation services - Canada requires bilingual packaging and very specific French has given us an edge to help our manufacturers with the correct requirements and translations for packaging.

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Vendor & Retail Partner Services

As a full solutions provider, we ensure doing business in Canada is both simple and efficient for our Vendor Partners. From Packaging Translation between English and French to Bilingual Customer Service and Returns, we do it all.

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Trade Consulting & Education

From understanding the differences of the Canadian consumer, our marketplace and language regulations, we are your experts. We offer a full range of consultation services to businesses and trade groups on how to set up in a new territory.

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With complete knowledge of the Canadian Packaging Standards, we handle all translation for packaging, manuals, instructions, product information and more, translating from English to French. Bilingual packaging is required when selling products in Canada and we help to make this process easier for you to get on the shelf and into Canadian Retailers!

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