Trade Consultation & Education

Did you know that a business investing in Canada can expect north of 10% -30% minimum of YOUR U.S business if it is built properly?  So how do you go to market in Canada?  What makes the Canadian marketplace different from that of the US?

For emerging businesses and corporations needing to set up in Canada, The RepOro Group, offers consulting & keynote speaking services.  We can help you to become more educated on Canada and help to get you set up to do business in Canada. This would include, but is not limited to:

  • How retail and distribution work in Canada
  • Should you sell direct or through distribution
  • Our language laws
  • Packaging
  • Canadian retail specifics

But most importantly, how the Canadian consumer is different than anywhere in the U.S., Canada is the most multi-cultural society in the World.

Our approach is to first help businesses understand how diverse we are in Canada, and then educate the Corporations we work with on how to cater to these differences.  Whether you are a business or trade group, let us impart our years of knowledge to help you navigate new territory.