Vendor and Retail Partner Services

With many of our vendor and retail partners, we have learned the necessity of providing a complete solution to making sure that doing business in Canada is easy and simple.

As our retail customers rely more and more on The RepOro Group, we have become YOUR full solutions provider.  We handle, where requested over and above add on's to our role: Returns, SAP implementation, setting up 3PL Logistics, suggested Media and Advertising plans, Packaging translation services as well as Reverese Logistics.

At our retail partners’ request, they no longer wish to ship returns cross border, they rely on The RepOro Group to handle for our vendor partners.  Vendors cannot always offer bilingual customer service, a requirement in Canada, so this too a potential offering for YOU. 

The RepOro Group provides a menu of offerings to ensure doing business in Canada is both efficient and simple for both our Vendor and Retail Partners, becoming a full turnkey solution.

This aspect of the business is looked at separately from Representation and encompasses offerings separate from Selling and more focused on reverse logistics and support.  Additional fees would be applicable depending on our Manufacturing Partner’s requirements.

Some key offierings to what can be provided:

  • Packaging Translation Service - We handle the translation for packaging from English to French.
  • Bilingual Customer Service (877#) - This can include shipping out replacement items when the 30 day over-the-counter warranty has expired from the retailers, but still within the 365 day warranty.
  • Returns - We handle returns from our retail partners on behalf of our vendor partners.  Depending on the Manufacturers needs, we can accumulate and return monthly, we can destroy in field, or we can provide refurbishing solutions when and if applicable.
  • SAP
  • 3PL

We are a Full Solutions Provider in Canada.